Simplify the switch and power wiring of your 4 Light LED Rock Light Kit with this Switch and Power Wiring Kit
Ships: same or next day
Manufacturer: Extreme LED

Extreme LED BBB Business Review

This universal wiring harness and switch makes wiring up your new lights a snap. Comes with everything you need. Just hook up the red wire lead to the battery and the black to a ground, then plug in the light and click the switch and your lighting up the night!

  • Wiring harness to hook up to your battery which includes:
    • Inline fuse to protect your lights and wiring
    • Relay to isolate the amp draw to have it bypass the switch
    • A universal flush mount round switch
    • A DT style waterproof plug on the harness side
  • A DT style plug pigtail to wire onto the rock light harness to make it plug and play to the power harness