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5 Summer Trails For Your Off-road Trips This 2022

Sun’s out, bumpers out! This time of the year is all about adventure and this summer is about to get more exciting! If you’re thinking about summer trails and off-road trips, then we’re on the same page. Check out this blog for the best summer offroading and camping spots to hit this season!

Off-road Trips This 2022

Best summer offroading and camping spots to hit this season!

Going on offroad trips has become more interesting now than ever. Aside from the ecstatic experience and breathtaking views, these activities also take you farther from crowds. And isn’t that among the top reasons why you go on such drives? Having some peaceful time is one thing, but keeping safe from the virus is another.

Don’t worry, because we’re here to help you achieve all that. We’ve listed five summer off-road trail systems that we recommend you try this year!

  1. Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Idaho Off-road Sites

Sawtooth National Recreation Area

The Sawtooth National Recreation Area is one of the four recreational areas in the Sawtooth National Forest. Located in Central Idaho, SNRA is home to hundreds of miles of offroading trails, some of the country’s most scenic views, and over 300 wildlife species.

Its sister areas are the Fairfield Ranger District, the Ketchum Ranger District, and the Minidoka Ranger District. Various activities draw people to go on offroad trips here; biking, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, paddling, horseback riding, and motorsports are just some of the many outdoor activities available.

  1. Byrd's Adventure Center, Arkansas Off-roading Parks

Byrds Adventure Center

The original off-road and ATV park in the state, Byrd's Adventure Center, has stood among the most popular off-road sites in the USA. Experienced adventurers would love to tread its challenging spots as there are many areas to play in the dirt trails, hills, and mud.

True to its nickname, the ‘4x4 playground,’ Byrd’s remains the leading off-roading park in Arkansas. It also boasts exceptional kayak, raft, and canoe rental services on the Mulberry River.

  1. Hidden Falls Adventure Park, Texas Scenic Off-road Trails

Hidden Falls Adventure Park

This family-friendly park caters to all kinds and levels of offroaders with its 240 miles of trails on 3,000 acres of marvel. All Hidden Falls Adventure Park trails are marked, rated, and have designated off-road routes for 4x4s, ATVs, UTVs, even motorcycles. Before you reach this sweet haven, you’ll be greeted by the beautiful scenery of neighboring natural springs and waterfalls.

Visitors can take advantage of various amenities in the place. It includes both primitive and electric tent sites, RV hookups, and cabin rentals featuring restroom and shower facilities. On the other side of the homey features are wilder accommodations like a full-service shooting range and ATV and motorcycle rentals.

  1. Moab, Utah Overlanding Trails

Moab Utah Overlanding Trails

Among the well-known off-road sites, Moab has a reputation for canyoneering, ATV riding, 4x4 driving, motorcycling, biking, river rafting, and hiking. Its unparalleled landscape features layers of rock kissing the sky at the Dead Horse Point State Park.

On the other hand, Canyonlands National Park is famous for being the “Island in the Sky.” If you’re one for the scenic off-road trails, then you’ll love the breathtaking view of the Delicate Arch in Arches National Park.

  1. Rubicon Trail, California Off-road Trails

Rubicon Trail California Off-road Trails

We suggested it once for ideal winter trails, but we’ll say it again - Rubicon Trails is highly recommended for off-road trips of any weather. It goes through the Sierra Nevada mountain range with 22 miles of off-road trails cutting through Tahoe National Forest and Eldorado National Forest.

Many offroading experts tag it as “ the most difficult OHV (off-road highway vehicle) route in the country.” Though challenging, the Rubicon Trail makes it worth the pain and struggles with the reward of Sierra Nevada’s panoramic views, boulder fields, interlocking flat stone, and forests of pine and fir trees.

Prepare for Your Off-road Summer Trails with Extreme LED

It’s all fun and adventure until you realize that you’re out in the wild with incomplete gear. We don’t want that for you, do we? So please see to it that you come with nothing but the best offroading equipment that you can get your hands on.

Summer Trails with Extreme LED

Grab this mini checklist for offroading essentials that you need to have before taking off:

  • LED light bars for when the sun sets and you need night vision
  • Extra wiring and other electrical accessories for convenience and in case of emergency
  • Recovery kit for when you get stuck
  • Medical kits for when you need first aid treatment
  • Ditch lights for when you need that powerful punch of light on moonless nights

This list is not all, but will surely get you started with your offroad trips. What’s more, is that you can prepare some of the checkboxes with Extreme LED!

Let’s be off-road buddies!

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