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About Us

In 2011, the founder of Extreme LED embarked on a quest to enhance off-road lighting options for camping adventures in the Colorado Rockies. The LED lighting marketplace was scant, with the few available options being cost prohibitive or of very low quality.  And this is how Extreme LED was conceived.  Leveraging expertise in electrical engineering, Extreme LED ushered in a new era of high-performance LED lighting for the vehicle and powersports industry—offering unmatched quality at a fraction of the cost.  

In 2018, Extreme LED expanded to include mechanical engineering and product design specialization. This strategic move was aimed at boosting innovation and performance. The company transitioned from a garage setup to a Denver warehouse and manufacturing facility, allowing for a broader and more diverse product lineup.   This move marked a continued commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries in the LED lighting industry.

As the years have unfolded for Extreme LED, the product catalogue has grown to encompass a diverse array of options catering to various vehicle models, all while ensuring the integration of the latest advancements in lighting technology. Extreme LED has a meticulous approach to both internal and external testing which has solidified the reliability of Extreme LED light bars, each bearing the promise of a Lifetime Warranty

Customer experience is a cornerstone of Extreme LED's philosophy, offering exceptional service from individual purchases to long-term support.  With Extreme LED, customers have total confidence in their purchase. 

If you ever need help finding the right product for your vehicle (even if it is something you can't find on our website), feel free to call at (303) 990-5904 or send us an email at  We are happy to assist you in your search for the perfect product for your build.