Auto Addictions

Auto Addictions, carries products and performance parts for all makes & models of trucks and Jeeps. We offer everything from performance enhancing truck accessories to Jeep accessories including roll bars, doors, exterior lighting and more.

Many truck accessories and enhancements can help increase gas mileage (air intakes and exhaust system upgrades). Organizing items like stainless tool boxes for the bed of a truck and locking truck bed covers can keep things safe and sound.  Lift and Leveling kits can provide clearance for your pickup truck allowing you to navigate worksites, hunting leases, and those difficult “offroad” situations more easily and effectively. Lift kits are available in two general categories:

  • Body lift kits use spacers to raise the body of the vehicle above its frame for added tire clearance and an improved look for your pickup or SUV.
  • Suspension lift kits, by contrast, lift the entire frame of your truck to enhance performance on rough and uneven terrain.

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