Extreme Stealth Dual Row LED Light Bars & Pods

Extreme Stealth Dual Row LED Light Bars & Pods

Our Extreme Stealth Dual Row LED Light Bars and Pods are the perfect LED lights to add safety and functionality to your ATV, Jeep, 4x4, or any other off-road vehicle. These lights are brighter and bolder, giving you the visibility to make the most out of any off-road adventure, camping trip, or work project. 

Let’s talk about the details. These bars each have over 10,000 lumens! All coming from the tightly packed LEDs. We were able to add one more LED into each section of the light bar to allow the most effective light output. 

These bars have a combination beam pattern meaning you get the best of both worlds with spot and flood LEDs. The flood lights on each end are a wider, oblong shape and give you the widespread light more like a Scene Light, while the spot lights in the middle give you the directional light you need to cut through the darkness.

We named these our Stealth series because of the way they blend into your vehicle, creating a sleek, compact look. These bars maintain all the benefits of our Dual Row LED Light Bars while adding the bonus of a discreet front lens and lens cover and black inside housing. 

We have a broad array of sizes to meet your needs.  If you’re looking for roof lights, we have the 40” Stealth Dual Row that would be an ideal size for many roof rack light bar installs. We also have plug and play led light bar wiring harnesses available to make your led light bar install easy.  

We recommend the 30” Stealth Dual Row if you’re looking for a bumper or grille light bar as the length usually fits perfectly. Perhaps you’re looking for a smaller bar to fit in a tight spot. Check out our 20” Stealth Dual Row, made to be just short enough to fit in those spots where other light bars wouldn’t.

Looking to match your light bar and pod lights? Well you’re in luck, our Extreme Series Dual Row LED Light Pods were made just to match the light bars, creating a seamless, smooth look on your vehicle. Mount these anywhere on your vehicle to serve as road lights, work lights, camping lights, and whatever else you may come across in the dark. 

We find most of our customers are surprised by just how bright our LED’s are. The great thing about these bars and pods is you still get the discreet look without sacrificing any of the power! Not only does our Stealth line add more efficient light, but they add a brand new look that is sure to make your build stand out. 

No matter the project, we’re confident that our Extreme Stealth Dual Row LED Light Bars will fit your needs. Still worried about taking the plunge? Set your mind at ease knowing these are covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee, meaning if you don’t love them, just send them back! Read more about our easy return process in our FAQ.

Over $200 in Prizes for 4th of July Giveaway

4th of July Giveaway Happy Independence Day! This weekend, we celebrate more than our freedom. Along with this greeting, we’d like to remind you that the best things in life are FREE. *wink* That’s why we’re giving you a chance to win more than $200 worth of prizes as our 4th of July giveaway. 

It is a  great moment  to make yourself, your build, and your wallet celebrate this time of the year, do you agree? If it’s a YES for you, you need to know how to earn your odds fast!

Read on to see what you’re about to miss.

For this year's 4th of July catch, you can win the following:

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Gladiator 4in LED Light Pod - Flood Beam

Witness a  powerful punch  from a little package with our brand new Gladiator LED Light Pods. This set is ideal for mounting tight spaces where it can shine on wide spots, thanks to its bright flood beam.

  • Wiring Harness with DT Connectors

Wiring Harness with DT Connector(s)

This  complete set  comes with a universal wiring harness and a switch. You’ll be wiring up your new lights in just a snap with this one.

  • Extreme 3D Patch

Extreme LED 3D Printed Patch

Wear  the badge  with our 3D Printed Patch! Your patch collection takes off to a whole new level with this unique PLA addition. With its installed velcro strip, you can easily patch this up to your headliner.

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There will only be one lucky champ, and their victory will be announced on Instagram and Facebook on July 4th. Good luck!


How to Know Which Off-road LED Light Bar Wiring Harness You Need

“Do I need a wiring harness?”, “What wiring harness type should I use?”,  have you ever asked yourself this question worrying you might buy the wrong one? Well, worry not! Here’s a good read that will help you answer these questions.


What is an Offroad LED Light Bar Wiring Harness?

A wiring harness is an organized set of wires, terminals, and connectors that run through the vehicle to relay information and power, thereby playing a critical role in “connecting” a variety of components (including lights).  In the case of our harnesses, there is a relay to allow a small amount of power to run to the switch to get an indication of when the light should be turned on.  When the switch is on, it lets the relay know to send the power from your battery to the light.


Which harness should I get?

This is one of the most frequent questions we are asked about. We have to understand first what you are trying to accomplish since we have different types of harnesses fit for your needs - making your lives easier - just plug and play! Below are some tips on what you should look at and the types of harnesses we offer.

Things to Consider in Choosing a Harness for Your Light Bars

  • Type of light 

We have different light bars to choose from and the compatible harness is usually recommended at the bottom left portion of the product. The lights have different end connectors, either DT or ATP, depending on the power of the lightbar.  All of our pods are going to be DT connectors while larger lightbars (in particular the dual row that needs more power) will typically be ATP. 

Our X6/X6S series all have a three-prong connector that fits a 3P-21 harness that includes two switches. One of the switches controls the two end sections of the light bar which have amber lenses, the other controls the middle of the light bar which has clear lenses.  This allows you to control each section individually to have both on, both off or one only one on at a time. (Note: The amber and clear lenses can be changed out. X6 Cover Lenses, X6S Cover Lenses

  • Number of lights to hook up

Now that you know which light you want to use for your vehicle, let's now look at how many you want to connect to each other. If you were wondering if we have harnesses available to control multiple lights on only one switch - no need to worry ‘cause we have that for you!


Wiring Harness Types


Picture of Wiring Harness with DT Connector(s)

These wiring harnesses are for lights that state they use a DT connector (Depending on the power and size of the lightbar, It will have a DT connector, all of our pods have one as well) We have 3  types of these that allow you to control one, two or four lights from one single switch. If your arrangement requires 3 lights or more than 4 lights, we also have DT splitters that will allow you to combine your lights to fit the build you are looking for.

Picture of Wiring Harness with DT Connector(s)

Has 1 ATP connector to control one light. Use these wiring harnesses for lights that state they use an ATP connector (typically these are our bigger light bars that take in more power like the dual rows )

Picture of Dual Color Light Bar Harness for One Light

This harness is for the X6 and X6S series since it has 2 separate lights (amber/white). This harness will allow you to control the colors of the light independently on each switch or wire both lights to one switch.


Still need something more? 

See our next blog regarding extenders, splitters, and custom wiring to solve all of your light bar wiring needs. 


Winter Off-roading Trails To Try This 2021

off-roading on winter trails with extreme led light bars

It’s that time of year again where we’re tearing up the snow instead of dirt! But, just because it’s cold and snowy outside doesn’t mean that you need to stop going on those epic adventures. Winter off-roading can be just as thrilling and delightful.

So, as your favorite LED light bar company, we wanted to take this opportunity to help you out and put together a list of five of the top winter off-roading trails. Hopefully, you can try them all out and come back to share your experiences with us!

Winter Trails for Your Next Adventure

  1. Big Horn Mountains, WY

big horn mountains winter trails

Thismountain rangenever fails to make it into off-roading trail lists, whether for the summer or winter. Their rolling hills and valleys are already a fun off-road trail, but winters add a fantastic snow coating.


With over 1,500 trails and at least 32 campsites, the Bighorn National Forest has become a famous destination for all types of adventure-seekers. Off-roaders are very much welcome here, too, as most of its roads are open to off-highway vehicles (OHVs).

  1. Rubicon Trail, CA

rubicon trail via lake tahoe off-roading trail for winter

Known as one of the toughest trails in the country, Rubicon Trail has some of the heaviest snowfalls during the winter months. Itschallenging coursealmost made having a four-wheel-drive off-road vehicle a requirement. Still, the breathtaking view and access via Lake Tahoe adds the cherry on top of this winter off-roading trail.

  1. White Mountain, NH

white mountains new hampshire winter trails

If you’re looking for someeast coast winter fun, look no further. The White Mountain in New Hampshire, part of the Appalachian Chain, gets some extreme weather in the winter months. But instead of scaring people off, this wonderland feature is what draws off-roaders to this mountain range even more.

  1. Imperial Sand Dunes, CA

Imperial Sand Dunes, CA off-roading trails

If your idea of a winter off-road trail is to get away from the cold, thenthis placeis ideal for you. Located in southeast California, the Imperial Sand Dunes sits as a cold-weather break for those running away from it. Its capacity of over 150,000 acres makes it one of the largest sand dunes open to highway vehicles. Topped with the camping accommodations, it makes for a great weekend getaway.

  1. Big Bear Lake, CA

Big Bear Lake, CA winter off-roading trails

A crowd-favorite, Big Bear Lake in California is afriendly trailfor all skill levels. Its various courses have that rare ability to cater to everyone from beginners to experts. You’ll surely find some fun among its nine different trails, if not all! 


These are just five of the magnificent off-roading trails that are worth a try in this wonderful time of year. So share with us your favorite trail picks for the winter months! We’d love to hear from you.

Wiring Harness Diagrams

Dual Color Wiring Diagram

X6 Series Amber and White LED Light Bars

The X6 10w Series Amber and White LED Light Bars are one of the top choices for vehicles when drivers are looking to add amber LED light bars to their truck or SUV. These LED light bars amber and white are all single row light bars and vary in the number of lumens they offer. Plus you can control the amber and white sections separately for individual for optimum versatility. Find the perfect light bar to add to your vehicle today!

Add an amber and white LED light bar to your vehicle with our selection of X6S Slim Series 5w Amber and White LED Light Bars. Each one of these light bars are single row light bars and feature different amounts of amber and white lights. These amber and white sections of the light bar are controlled individually for optimum versatility. Use the white lights to illuminate your drive at night. While the amber lights are best suited for providing great contrast, which is needed during fog or snowy conditions. Or you can use both amber and white lights at the same time to give you the most light and visibility possible!

Amber and White LED Light Bar Features

  • 2 1/4" Tall
  • Featuring 10w CREE LEDs
  • Spot degree: 30
  • Flood degree: 45
  • Waterproof
  • Lifetime Warranty
Buying Tips (Beam Pattern, White vs Amber and Sizing)

As our selection of high quality LED light bars and pods continue to grow, we wanted to provide a few more details on purchasing.  

  • Beam Pattern - We use multiple combinations of LED technologies, reflectors and lenses to get the best results for the installation.  This results in different beam patterns that vary by different product lines.

As a generalization the following terms are true across our products lines:

  • Spot - Spot lights will throw a far narrow beam.
  • Flood - Flood lights will have a wide beam that does not go as far as a Spot beam. 
  • Combo - Combo lights have a combination of spot and flood technologies typically giving the furthest light toward the center of the bar or pod and the widest light toward the outside. 
  • Scene - Scene lights are even more concentrated at close range than our flood lights.  Scene lights are great for work light scenarios. 
  • Light Color - We use a combination of colored LEDs and colored lenses to create different lighting effects depending on the line of product you are interested in.  As a generalization, the following terms are true across our product lines: 
    • White (Clear) - Under normal conditions white lights are going to provide the brightest lighting experience. 
    • Amber - When there are particles in the air (dust, fog, rain, snow), white can reflect off of these particles making it difficult to see.  In comparison, amber will cut through the particles better.  
    • Combination - We provide a number of combined options in both our light bars and pods so you can switch to the most appropriate color for the occasion. 
    • Other Colors - Other colors of lights serve a number of purposes such as hunting at night and can be achieved by adding one of our lens covers to our white lights.
  • Sizes - The named size of our light bars and pods is a general measurement of the size.  Depending on whether you are looking to put the light in a cutout or mount the light, the sizing charts for the light should be your primary reference to make sure it will fit. 

LED Light Bar Buying Guide

led light bar buying guide

As LED light bars have grown in popularity, so too has their market. Once a specialty product, there are now numerous models of LED light bars from which to choose, each with its own advantages and drawbacks. If this is your first time shopping for a mounted light for your truck or off-road vehicle, you may be unclear as to the differences between these models and how you can be certain that the product you choose best suits your needs. Thankfully, you can use a few distinguishing factors to separate unreliable models from those that are worth your money to ensure that the LED light bar you choose will provide unmatched illumination when you need it the most.

Why LED Light Bars?

First, it should be mentioned that not all light bars make use of LED bulbs. There are also a fair number of models out there that utilize halogen or high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting, and you may be curious as to why an LED light bar is the superior choice. The difference is five-fold:

  • Efficiency - LED bulbs are among the most efficient on the market, using up to half as much wattage as their HID counterparts and as much as a tenth as halogen models.

  • Size - LED bulbs are tiny despite their power, meaning that the mount you choose will take up very little space and add very little weight to your vehicle.

  • Length - With an average lifespan of up to 40,000 hours, there’s a good chance that the bulbs in your mount will outlive your vehicle.

  • Durability - LED circuit boards are not susceptible to damage caused by vibrations or impact, making them an excellent choice for the bumpiness and unpredictability of off-roading.

  • Style - LED lights can be created in various colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. If customizability is your thing, you’ll be certain to find a model that perfectly suits the look of your vehicle.

benefits of using led light bars

All these benefits admittedly make LED light bars more expensive than halogen or HID models. For that extra cost, though, you’re getting a superior product and one whose durability and long life will save you money in the long run. And while environmental heat can play a larger role in the performance of LED lights than it does for other bulbs, that problem can be remedied by purchasing a quality model with a dedicated heat sink. The question, then, is what makes for a quality LED light bar.

LED Light Bar Brands

As the LED market has grown, certain manufacturers have distanced themselves from the pack by consistently producing bulbs that surpass the competition regarding both performance and reliability. One such manufacturer is CREE, which has spent over twenty years developing and honing its LED technology. Their bulbs are used by many companies as the lighting component of their mounts and have earned their place as the industry standard. What’s more, the previously mentioned issue with environmental heat is much less pronounced for models that make use of CREE bulbs, as their protective heatsinks are typically much more effective than those offered by cheaper and less reliable models.

LED Light Bar Features

Now that you know the benefit of LED lighting and going with a trusted manufacturer, the only question that remains is what exactly you plan on using your LED light bar for. As mentioned, LED light bars now come in a wide range of features and capabilities, which means that there’s almost certainly a model out there that fits your exact needs.


Obviously, the first concern is whether the bar you choose will fit on your vehicle. If you’re looking to mount it to the roof of a full-size truck, you’ll likely be looking for something along the lines of a 44" or 50" LED light bar. The 50" model offers both amber and white lighting within one bar; the amber provides mid-range floodlighting while the white offers a longer, narrower spot beam. Both can be used independently or at once, offering you a great deal of on-the-fly flexibility in your lighting. That is not to say, however, that those features are contained to longer models. A 22" light bar, for example, offers the same flexible lighting capabilities in a less powerful, more compact package perfect for mounting to your vehicle’s grille.

Beam Angle

While those models offer both spot and floodlighting (as well as a combination of the two), not every LED light bar provides all three beam angles. Generally speaking, you’ll want the long, concentrated light of a spot beam for driving, as its powerful, narrow illumination will allow you to identify far-off hazards before they pose a threat. If you’re more interested in using your light bar to illuminate an area - say, a worksite - the width provided by a flood beam angle will likely be more of use to you.


Despite their advanced technology, LED lights are unfortunately still susceptible to defects caused by water and dust intrusion to their components. As with heat issues, though, that concern can almost entirely be addressed by purchasing a model that boasts high-rated protection against those dangers. The rating in question is known as ingress protection, or IP; the five scores common to LED light bars (which indicate the hazards they’re tested to protect against) are as follows.

  • IP65 – dust, nozzle-projected water

  • IP66 – dust, powerful jet-projected water

  • IP67 – dust, temporary immersion in up to one meter of water

  • IP68 – dust, constant immersion in one meter or more of water

  • IP69K – dust, high-pressure, and high-temperature water spray

Generally speaking, a good rule of thumb is to consider the worst hazards that the vehicle to which your light bars will be attached will realistically encounter; then, if possible, buy one grade up to be safe.


Adding an LED light bar to your vehicle is one of the easiest ways to improve its capabilities, to add a new degree of safety and usefulness to your everyday truck or off-roader. We hope that this guide has given you the information you need to search for the perfect model. If you have any further questions about which LED light bar best suits your needs - or if you have any other questions about the remarkable power of LED lighting - please feel free to contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives.


How to Choose the Right LED Light

Spot, Flood, or Combo?

A question we get a lot is, "What beam pattern for my LED Light Bar should I get?". Well here is a little insight that we hope will help in making your decision.


A spot beam has a narrow beam spread of only 8º. This is great for task specific lighting. For example when you want night time road or trail visibility you want the light focused and intense in a specific area. The spot pattern is great for that.


Flood has a wide 90º beam pattern so the light is more spread out. When you want to more light up a certain area, like your camp site, or a work area, the flood is the right choice.


When you want versatility, the Combo is a good choice. It gives a mix of spot beam pattern LEDs and flood beam pattern LEDs all within the same light. The trade off is that you are not splitting up the beams so neither the flood nor the spot beams produced are as bright as a dedicated spot or beam light.

The Best?

Well that all depends on your specific situation and budget. If you can afford it, a great combination to have is a dedicate spot coupled with a dedicated flood. For example, it is typical for us to outfit a Jeep Wrangler with a 20" spot LED light bar mounted on the bumper which is used for road/trail visibility. Then have a either a couple of 6" flood LED light bars mounted at the lower corners of the windshield or a really nice set up is a 40" LED light bar mounted across the top of the windshield.

How to Choose an LED Light Bar or Pod Mounting Location

Determining the perfect location to mount your new LED Light Bar or Pod(s) is based on many factors: budget, technical abilities, intended lighting use, and finally, personal preference. See our picture gallery below to preview some of these lighting locations.

Some locations are easier to mount and wire than others. Here is a list of locations that we will review, in order of those that are easiest to mount first:

Front Bumper

The easiest location to mount your LED light bar is typically on the front bumper. Often there are already holes in the bumper so purchasing additional mounting hardware is not required. Even if there are not existing holes that will work for your mount location, drilling a bumper is a quick and easy job so you can mount your new light exactly where you want it. From the bumper, it is also a snap to get the wiring to inside the engine compartment.

The mounting flexibility of the bumper also makes it suitable for just about any LED light. For example, You could place a 30" LED light bar or two 5" LED Light Pods on the front bumper. 

The cons of the bumper is that the light direction is coming from the same direction as your stock headlights. Though this isn't a huge downside, you won't get the advantage of lighting your way from multiple light angles, which often provides overall better visibility than just one angle.

Lower Windshield Pillar Mount

The lower windshield pillar mount is a great place to mount a pair of our LED Light Pods and offers a greater amount of light angle differentiation from your stock headlights than the bumper mount location, increasing visibility. This location does require additional mounting hardware, such as our JK pillar mount or TJ pillar mounts, but they are pretty economical in price and simply bolt on using the existing mounting holes on your Jeep (no drilling required). 

Wiring from the pillar mount location requires some drilling, but it is pretty straight forward and can be easily filled with a cheap plug  that you can get at Ace Hardware, Lowe's or the like, in the unlikely event you decide to remove your lights at some point in the future.

Above the Windshield

This location is excellent for allowing you to have the greatest amount of light angle differentiation from the headlights, providing for the best overall visibility. It also has the room to use the largest of LED light bars, like our 50" LED light bar, giving you the most amount of lumens of light than the other locations. This location does require you to purchase additional mounting hardware, and wiring will require some drilling, but if getting the maximum amount of quality light is your goal, than this is the ideal location. Plus, it adds a certain "bad-ass" look that you might be going for :)

A Combination

Now no one says you have to pick just one! You can combine any of these locations to give you even more light and mean aesthetics. So go ahead, pick your poison!