Clearance Bars

We have the best selection of LED lights for your vehicle. Not only do we have the best of the best in LED lights but we also have the best pricing in the industry. Even though we already have the best in LED lights at the best pricing, we are still dedicated to bringing you more. Be sure to look through our full clearance section to find some of our most popular LED lights at an even more discounted price. Save on quality LED light with extreme LED.

High Quality Bars Discounted Prices

Even though our clearance section features our premium LED light bars at a discounted price, we don't sell cheap light bars at Extreme LED Light Bars. You may not be able to buy flimsy, low quality light bars that other competitors sell, but our clearance section is the best prices you can get when it comes to buying LED light bars. Remember: affordable prices, not cheap light bars! 

Save even more on our discounted LED light bars with our free shipping on orders over $50. 

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