Extreme Series 5D Dual Row LED Light Pods

Like our Extreme Series 5D Dual Row Bars, these light pods feature new 5D optics which couple an internal reflector to focus all the light onto the magnifying lenses. This combination eliminates any internal loss of light and ensures all light generated by the LED chip is projected outward. Which substantially increases the efficiency and overall light output of the LED light bar.

These pods are a great choice if you’re looking to match your pods with your light bar as we have so many options. Choose from flood or spot beam configuration, flush mount or regular mount, and amber or white color beam to find the perfect pods for your rig. These also work great for off-road or on-road driving visibility, or as a general work light, as they perfectly combine safety and functionality. Want to run 2 lights on one switch? Check out our harnesses to control 2 lights

Worried about buying from us? Most customers are shocked by just how bright these are... but what if they're not exactly what you wanted? If you don't love them, send them back. See more details in our FAQ.

30 day money back guarantee Lifetime Warranty

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