Extreme Series Pods

Our Extreme Series LED Light Pods are our best performing series, and it's easy to see why. These light pods feature new 5D optics which couple an internal reflector to focus all the light onto the magnifying lenses. This combination eliminates any internal loss of light and ensures all light generated by the LED chip is projected outward. Which substantially increases the efficiency and overall light output of the LED light bar.

With the option of using magnifying fish-eye lenses to focus light on provide a tight pattern or a spreading flood light to illuminate large areas you can't go wrong.These Extreme Series 5D LED Light Pods also reduce light losses due to refraction. Additionally, they are IP68 rated meaning they can operate in up to 3 meters deep continuously. The military air breather balances internal and external pressure and moisture content to help to further increase overall seal longevity and reduction of possible internal condensation.

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