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Extreme Stealth Dual Row LED Light Bars & Pods

Our Extreme Stealth Dual Row LED Light Bars and Pods are the perfect LED lights to add safety and functionality to your ATV, Jeep, 4x4, or any other off-road vehicle. These lights are brighter and bolder, giving you the visibility to make the most out of any off-road adventure, camping trip, or work project.

Extreme Stealth Dual Row Series Light Bar and Pods

Extreme Stealth Dual Row LED Light Bars & Pods

Let’s talk about the details. These bars each have over 10,000 lumens! All come from tightly packed LEDs. We were able to add one more LED into each section of the light bar to allow the most effective light output.

These bars have a combination beam pattern meaning you get the best of both worlds with spot and flood LEDs. The flood lights on each end are a wider, oblong shape and give you the widespread light more like a Scene Light, while the spotlights in the middle give you the directional light you need to cut through the darkness.

We named these our Stealth series because of the way they blend into your vehicle, creating a sleek, compact look. These bars maintain all the benefits of our Dual Row LED Light Bars while adding the bonus of a discreet front lens and lens cover and black inside the housing.


We have a broad array of sizes to meet your needs. If you’re looking for roof lights, we have the 40” Stealth Dual Row that would be an ideal size for many roof rack light bar installs. We also have plug and play led light bar wiring harnesses available to make your led light bar installation easy.

We recommend the 30” Stealth Dual Row if you’re looking for a bumper or grille light bar as the length usually fits perfectly. Perhaps you’re looking for a smaller bar to fit in a tight spot. Check out our 20” Stealth Dual Row, made to be just short enough to fit in those spots where other light bars wouldn’t.

Our Extreme Stealth Series are typically:

  • installed on the roof or grille of a vehicle
  • usually designed with a slim profile and low profile mounting system with brackets that keep the bar close to the vehicle

Looking to match your light bar and pod lights? Well you’re in luck, our Extreme Series Dual Row LED Light Pods were made just to match the light bars, creating a seamless, smooth look on your vehicle. Mount these anywhere on your vehicle to serve as road lights, work lights, camping lights, and whatever else you may come across in the dark.

Stealth Dual Series LED Light Pods

We find most of our customers are surprised by just how bright our LED’s are. The great thing about these bars and pods is you still get the discreet look without sacrificing any of the power! Not only does our Stealth line add more efficient light, but they add a brand-new look that is sure to make your build stand out.

No matter the project, we’re confident that our Extreme Stealth Dual Row LED Light Bars will fit your needs. Still worried about taking the plunge? Set your mind at ease knowing these are covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee, meaning if you don’t love them, just send them back! Read more about our easy return process in our FAQ.

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Meet the Author: Extreme LED has been helping offroad enthusiasts with their LED lighting needs since 2011. We have built our company to provide you with the best experience from shopping to customer support and ultimately use and longevity of our products. Our high-performance LED Light Bars & Pods are covered by our Lifetime Warranty and with free shipping over $100, you can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality product that will provide long-lasting lighting for your vehicle.

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2/8/2024 5:17 AM
I'm currently in the midst of searching for lighting solutions, and  range has caught my eye. The variety of choices makes it tough to decide which ones to go for – I'm seriously considering getting a pair from their collection. Your write-up has been super helpful in navigating the options. I might just end up wanting all the pairs too! Thanks for sharing your insights, and I'll definitely keep exploring my options. ????
6/16/2023 1:04 AM
Wow, those look great! I'm browsing for lighting right now and there are a lot of great options. I can't decide which ones to pick yet. I'm also looking at others and I kinda want all the pairs.  Thanks for the write up I'll keep looking at my options.