F-150 Light Bars & Mounts

The Ford F-150 is known throughout the automotive world as a workhorse of a truck, a strong and reliable vehicle that excels in everything from running errands to hauling freight. The capabilities of this incredible truck, however, can be pushed even further by mounting one of our powerful LED light bars to its grill or roof. Those interested in none but the brightest and most capable Ford F150 LED lightbars will want to check out X6 10W Series 44" Single Row Light Bar. Its ridiculous output of 22,800 lumens can be concentrated into a spot beam to light up dark roads or spread into a flood beam to illuminate work sites and disaster areas. If you're looking for something a little more specialized, the functionality of our Extreme Series 5D Light Pod may be more your speed. We recommend mounting a pair to your grill to ensure exceptional visibility through even the darkest night and the most extreme weather. As an added bonus, the pod can be integrated into the truck's existing wiring without the use of a harness.

You'll need proper securing to make sure your new bar or pod stays on your F-150, though, which is why we offer mounts specifically designed for the beefy bodies boasted by Ford trucks. Visit our dedicated Ford light bar mounts page to find the right kit for your bar or pod, kits that'll integrate the new lighting into your F-150 so seamlessly that they'll look factory-installed. F-150 owners know that there's little their trucks can't do; some just wish that they had a little more light to help them complete all the work the needs doing. If you're among their number, we hope you'll consider making your F-150 even cooler and more capable through the addition of our durable and powerful Ford F150 LED light bars.

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