Ford Ranger Light Bars & Mounts

Ford announced that the Ranger would be returning to American shores in 2019. Truck enthusiasts all over the country rejoiced, and for good reason. Before being discontinued stateside in 2011, the Ranger was known as an astonishingly reliable compact pickup that provided surprising punch for its low price. If you've held onto your Ranger, odds are that you're not likely to give it up anytime soon - you may even want to enhance it with a new feature or two. A new Ford Ranger light bar from Extreme LED, for example, can bring out a side of your truck that you didn't even know was there. Reward yourself with your commitment to an outstanding truck by making it even more outstanding.

Though some motorists may pass on the Ranger because of its relatively small size especially compared to the larger F150, owners of the truck know that its compact nature makes it an excellent vehicle for all sorts of off roading adventures. You can stretch the limits of those adventures through the addition of an 8-Pack of LED Rock Lights, a kit that'll help you to identify any rough terrain or dangerous obstacles in even the darkest of nights. Ford Ranger light bar owners also know that the truck's small size doesn't keep it from being a hard-working bulldog when it comes to loading and hauling from site to site. But if you want to be able to light up those sites in the middle of the night - to say nothing of navigating the dark roads that'll get you there and back - you'll need an LED light bar as powerful and versatile as our 50" X6 10W Series. Its astonishing output of 25,650 lumens can be spread into a flood beam (to light up broad areas) or concentrated into a spot beam (to illuminate lightless backcountry roads). Though you have 2019 and a new Ranger to look forward to, the Ranger you have now deserves to be the best truck it can be. Our line of outstanding Ford Ranger LED light bars will help you unlock that limitless potential.

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