Golf Cart Lights and Accessories

If you've never considered golf carts to be a suitable vehicle for an LED light bar, then you've never experienced the majesty that is night golf. All you need are some luminescent balls and a course with generous hours of operation. If playing by moonlight isn't your thing, consider too that personal carts have become increasingly popular as a convenient and fun way to putt around a neighborhood or explore the furthest reaches of your own property. Whatever your reason for wanting one, Extreme LED has the bars and pods you need to make nighttime carting safe and practical.

The main thing you have to keep in mind when considering LED lights for your cart is that the model you choose must be of a size suitable for your vehicle's more compact proportions. That consideration makes LED light pods a natural choice for this application, as their small size belies the fact that they push out much more luminescence than typical full-size headlights. The Extreme Series 5D 3" CREE LED Light Pod, for example, is 33% brighter than high-beam lamps, an astonishing amount of power considering the compactness and affordability of the package.

Those looking for a little something extra, however, will appreciate the incredible power and convenient flexibility of our LED light bars. The 4,320 lumens provided by our Extreme Series 5D 8" CREE LED Light Bar will let you cut through even the darkest of nights, and the versatile combo beam pattern allows you to focus that brightness into a long, thin spot beam or spread it out in a wide, shallow flood beam. If you’re really looking for the most light in a slim form factor, our 30" Single Row LED Light Bar is a perfect choice. With a sleek look that will blend right in, the this light bar is an excellent choice for the high end golf cart enthusiast. As fun as your golf cart is to drive now, imagine how much of a blast it'll be when you have an Extreme LED light bar or pod blasting through the darkness and guiding your way.

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