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Though Jeeps have become popular as everyday drivers, the history for these classic and versatile vehicles starts in their origin as military transports designed to hold up to a battering on the battlefield. Times may have changed, but the unmatched off-road capabilities of Jeeps have only grown stronger since then. You can explore the adventurous side of your own model by mounting a Jeep light bar to the roof or grille, which can provide a powerful boost of illumination perfect for navigating dark backcountry roads and for identifying hazards before they can pose a danger to you or your vehicle.


If you’re looking for sheer strength of lighting, you need look no further than the incredible brightness of the 50" X6S Slim Series. Its staggering 25,650 lumens make it one of the most powerful Jeep light bars on the market today, power that is complemented by the model’s ability to create spot beams, flood beams, or a combination thereof. As far as flexibility goes, however, there may be no model out there more versatile than our 30" Curved Dual Row Extreme Series. It offers the same combination beam as the X6S in a smaller size that allows it to be mounted either to the roof of your Jeep or to its grille. What’s more, its manual adjustability lets you direct the beam in a wide range of angles, making it a perfect Jeep LED light bar for non-driving lighting needs (such as illuminating a work site or disaster area).


As fun as your Jeep is to drive, you’re merely scratching the surface of its capabilities if you’re using it just as an everyday driver. Check out our Jeep light bars today and unlock the incredible potential of its offroading, hardworking spirit.



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