LED Light Bars for Cars

If you've done your research on LED lights bars for cars, then you know that they're the most powerful and efficient kind of lighting a vehicle can have. You may even be interested in adding a bar or two to your own automobile - problem is, that automobile is a car (not a truck) and as such you're uncertain whether exterior LED lights can even be installed on it. Not to worry - though traditional LED light bars aren't a great fit for most cars, our expansive catalog includes specialized pods and headlights that'll be a perfect match for your sedan, coupe, convertible or hatchback.

Those looking to add some flexibility to their LED light bars for your car, for example, will find a lot to like in the affordability and versatility of our Extreme Stackerz 2" Modular LED Light. For less than fifty dollars, you can get two powerful pods of pure LED light in either the flood model (for a wide but shallow beam) or the spot model (for a long, narrow beam). Both varieties push out 400 lumens of luminescence and both can be easily added to the hood of most vehicles. If you're looking for something a little more powerful and premium, why not try our Falcon Mini 2" LED Light Pod? The model features the same flexibility and ease of installation of the Extreme Stackerz model, but sets itself apart by producing a whopping 2,500 lumens of light.

Of course, there's always the option of just skipping the middleman. Instead of making up for your lacking headlights with pods or bars, why not just replace those headlights entirely? Our Arachnid 7" LED headlight offers a brightness more than double that of typical headlights and a staggering lifespan of 50,000 hours. Put another way, you could drive with these on for eight hours a day for seventeen years and they'd still be going strong. At Extreme LED, we believe that the safety and freedom afforded by quality LED lighting should be available to everyone! For all of your car LED light bar, truck LED light bar, and Jeep LED light bar needs, you know you can trust the experts at

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