Nissan Frontier Light Bars

Known in Asia and Europe as the Nissan Navara, the Frontier hit American shores in 1997 and has been impressing truck enthusiasts ever since with its exceptional affordability and reliability. That affordability makes it easy for owners to spend the money they saved on accessories for their new baby - accessories like Extreme LED light bars, which can provide much brighter and more flexible lighting than that offered by the factory-installed headlamps.

The Frontier is a full-size truck, and as such is better suited to light bars on the wider side of the spectrum. Our Extreme Series 5D 40" CREE LED Light Bar is a great model for first-time LED buyers, as it provides incredible brightness (forty times that of typical low-beam headlights) in a versatile combo beam pattern. That means that its powerful light can be directed into a long, thin spot beam (perfect for late night highway driving) or spread into a wide, shallow flood beam (ideal for illuminating a worksite or identifying hazards while off-roading). This remarkable bar even comes in a curved model for those who wish their lights to match the curve of their windshields and bumpers.

Those interested in a variety in lighting colors, however, will want to take a closer look at the X6 10W Series 2D Amber White 50" Single Row LED Light Bar. While nearly as powerful as the Extreme Series bar, the X6 offers even greater versatility with the inclusion of independently-operated amber and white LED lights. What's more, this model comes complete with universal mounting brackets and its own wiring harness (the other models featured here, by comparison, come only with the brackets). Whether you're a new Frontier owner or simply looking to give some new life to an old friend, Extreme LED has the tools you need to make a great truck even greater.

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