LED Light Bars: Off Road

You bought an ATV because you craved adventure; because you wanted a vehicle that could survive off the beaten path in search of new experiences and offroading fun. Unfortunately, that fun may be limited by the power of your ATV's stock headlamps - heading out into the unknown at night could mean not being able to identify obstacles and hazards before it’s too late. Luckily, our selection of durable light bars means you can take your LED light bar off road in pursuit of fun and adventure even when the sun isn't out.


Looking for a powerful, all in one off road light bar? Check out the features of our dual row bars, features that include a remarkable brightness to cut through even the darkest nights. What’s more, that incredible power can be spread out into a flood beam (for illuminating wide patches directly in front of the vehicle) or concentrated into a spot beam (for narrow but far-reaching illumination to identify distant hazards). No need to worry about whether this model can hang with your rough and tumble style of adventuring, either. This LED light bar, off road, is rated for dust and moisture resistance, the 5D will continue to operate perfectly even if held underwater.


Those looking for something a little more modular and flexible may instead be interested in our pods, or a smaller LED light bar that can be mounted just about anywhere on your vehicle. If you choose the flood configuration, you can mount a pair to your grille and direct them downwards to create a perpetual blanket of light from which no rock, ditch, or other hazards can hide. The spot beam variety, meanwhile, acts as a marvelous headlamp whose light will guide your way on your night-faring expeditions. You got your ATV to explore the unknown - don't let something as simple lack of an off road light bar stand between you and your adventures!

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