Pig Tail Connectors

Though many drivers are interested in adding LED light bars to their vehicle, some hesitate to do so because they worry that their installation might be difficult. The reality, however, is that there's an easy way for both your existing lights and any additional ones to be connected under the same terminal. All you need is a fifteen minutes, a few tools, and a set of pigtail connectors.

A pigtail connector is nothing more than an electrical wire used to connect two or more wires. Take a look at the kits and parts below to determine which one best suits your wiring needs. None of our pigtail connectors cost more than eight dollars, and the tools required to make use of them are common and inexpensive. With a little effort, you can enjoy the accomplishment of having worked on your vehicle with your own hands and the satisfaction of saving a greal deal of money by doing so.

You may, depending on which bar or pod you purchase, not even need to buy a separate kit. Our Extreme Stackerz 2" Modular LED Light, for example, can be purchased along with pigtail connectors and a wiring harness for one low price. The same goes for our Falcon Mini 2" Kit, which comes in both flood and spot models. At Extreme LED, our first priority is to provide you with the easiest and most affordable ways to add powerful and versatile lighting to your vehicle. These kits do just that by offering the ultimate in convenience and value.

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