Roof Rack Light Kit

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    Package comes with:
  • Pair of scene lights with wiring harness for 2 lights
  • Single row light bar with wiring harness for 1 light
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Manufacturer: Extreme LED Light Bar


  • 2 LED Scene Lights
  • Wiring Harness to control 2 lights
  • Single Row Light Bar
  • Wiring Harness to control 1 light

About our LED Light Bars:

You can fulfill your need for variety with this amber white LED light bar! The new X6S series amber white LED Light bar offers you the choice between amber and white lights. You can also use the two together! You can use just the white LED light bar for extra lighting at night, the amber led light bar for extra contrast (great for fog and snow), or combine the white and amber for maximum light and visibility! Comes With Wiring Harness.

 Our Stealth Series maintains all of the benefits of our original Single Row series while adding the bonus of a discreet front lens and lens cover. Gone are the days of having an obvious light bar on your roof/bumper. The Stealth series blends in with your vehicle better, creating a sleek, compact look never before available. Comes with Wiring Harness.

Whether you're exploring the deep woods in your off-road rig long into the night, plowing the roads to safety while commuters are still deep in slumber, or digging a new water line in the middle of the night, you need bright, reliable lighting to help guide your way. 

 Our Single Row LED Light Bars are a great option for those looking for a slimmer, cleaner look without sacrificing that much less light compared to their dual row big brother, thanks to their powerful 5w CREE LED chips (dual rows use 3w CREE LEDs). Comes with Wiring Harness.

About Our Scene Lights:

These scene lights are the best choice for your general up close area lighting, like around your vehicle, camper, trailer, etc. 

2.8" wide x 2.2" deep x 2" tall (light housing only) 2.5" tall from mount base to top of light.

Worried you'll be disappointed? Most customers are shocked by just how bright these are...but what if your standards are higher? You've got nothing to worry about with our risk-free 30-day satisfaction guarantee.