This pod light offers forward lighting as well as side lighting on BOTH sides. Each Pod Features:
  • 5,100 lumens
  • 12-5w LEDs totaling 60 watts
  • 6 forward facing LEDs in spot pattern
  • 3 side facing LEDs on each side in flood pattern
  • Waterproof
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 30 Day Risk Free Returns
  • Sold Individually
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Ships (if in stock): same or next day
Manufacturer: Extreme LED Light Bar

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Traditional LED Light Pods are great at providing forward light only. And even if you get a flood version, it is still limited on how far to the side it will light. As a result, you'd often end up having to get some dedicated side lighting if you really wanted to light up the ditch and side of the vehicle.

With our dual sided Side Shooter LED Light Pods, you get forward driving lights AND side lighting on both sides! These are ideal for motorcyles, ATV, dirt bikes, or anywhere you need both directional and wide spread light across both sides of the vehicle. 

Dimensions: Height: 3" Width 3 1/4" Depth 3 3/4"

Note: mounting brackets may be powder coated instead of stainless.

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