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Choosing the right LED Light Bar: A Comprehensive Buying Guide with customer reviews

How to choose the right LED light bar (and the right LED light bar company)

Extreme LED lightbars with subaru mounting options
What makes one LED light bar better than another?  Some important factors to consider are:

  • Performance/Brightness
  • Durability
  • Functionality
  • Fit
  • Design / Aesthetics
  • Price  

In general, an LED light bar that is worth purchasing is one that is built to last thousands of hours, provides a large amount of light without drawing too much power, and is one that you love the look of. It’s even better when you can get all of these things without breaking the bank.  

What makes one LED light bar company better than another? Here are a few important differentiators:

  • Responsive and understandable customer service
  • Knowledgeable about products and the industry
  • Great reputation 
  • Lifetime warranty on products 

All of these qualities are important to consider with an LED light bar company before purchasing. 

extreme single row LED lightbar
Here are some questions to keep in mind when you are considering where to purchase your light bar:

  1. Does the company guarantee its product?
    An LED light bar should have a lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects.  When a company provides a lifetime guarantee, it is a strong signal that the company is dedicated to producing high quality products and providing excellent customer service.
  2. Who are you buying the light from? Does the company have a good reputation?  Does the company have a dedicated, live support team offering customized customer service?  Is the support team knowledgeable about its products?  Or is the company a large reseller that doesn't even handle the product?  
  3. What are the company’s reviews and what are the product’s reviews?
    Customer reviews provide potential customers with valuable information from others who have already purchased and used the product.  This information helps customers make more informed purchasing decisions.  A company truly focused on customer feedback will use that feedback to improve products and services.  Another way to obtain real customer feedback is to check out different forums. There are hundreds of forums that provide valuable information to buyers looking to purchase LED lighting for their vehicles.  A simple web search for these types of off-road vehicle forums will provide lots of opinions, ideas, and support.
  4. How is the product selection?
    A large product selection indicates that a company has a customer-centric approach, trying to meet diverse customer needs and preferences.  Offering a broad selection often means a company has a deep understanding of the market and this knowledge allows them to cater to different customers effectively.  Companies with extensive product lines are often more adaptable and creative, continually introducing new products to meet consumer demands.  Carrying a large product line can be costly to the company so usually only companies that are financially secure (not going to go bankrupt) can afford to use this approach. A diverse product range can also signal a commitment to quality and variety; these companies offer multiple options without compromising on the quality of each product. 
  5. Is the lightbar priced right?
    Making a high-quality LED light bar can cost a lot of money due to a variety of factors such as resourcing components, quality and durability of materials, testing and certification costs, labor costs, and finally the brand factor can influence price as well.  If the bar is priced too low, then it may indicate that the manufacturer is not willing to warranty the product for very long or that the company uses inferior products.  If the price is really steep, you want to understand what you are paying for…the extra cost isn’t necessarily related to quality and performance.

    Extreme LED

Why choose Extreme LED products?

  • Extreme LED sets the standard for performance, durability, and affordability, surpassing the quality of lower-priced alternatives and offering better value than higher-priced options.
  • Extreme LED is 100% committed to providing customers with the best and brightest LED lighting solutions at competitive prices, backed by a lifetime guarantee. We do this by offering: an amazing selection, uncompromising quality, rugged durability, aesthetic design, customized service, exceptional value, and a lifetime of adventure.
  • Extreme LED is based in Denver Colorado and was founded in 2011.
  • Extreme LED values high-performance light bars with exceptional customer service. The brand is synonymous with delivering unparalleled value, offering premium quality lighting manufactured with the highest quality materials.  
  • With a Lifetime Warranty, Extreme LED provides reliability and brilliance that endure. Combine these factors with free shipping on orders over $100 and it is easy to see why many choose Extreme LED for their lighting needs.
  • Extreme LED has a meticulous approach to both internal and external testing which has solidified the reliability of Extreme LED light bars.
  • Customer experience is a cornerstone of Extreme LED's philosophy, offering exceptional service from individual purchases to long-term support.  With Extreme LED, customers have total confidence in their purchase
  • Check out Extreme LED customer reviews.
  • Check out our extensive LED Light bars and pods.

What some of our customers say about Extreme LED:


“I've found the company for my lighting in Extreme LED”

customer review photo for ford raptor

Matt Poe- 20" Extreme Single Row mounted into a stock 2nd Gen Raptor bumper

“I looked and looked at light bars after my most recent purchase/project, my 2018 Ford Raptor. With things of this nature, prices are way out of control in my opinion. While I want the best performing product, I'm also a realist and don't want to spend 350 bucks on a 20 inch light bar.”


“The lightbar is impressive and makes the Xterra look a little more beefy than before...pleased with the lightbar and installation.”

Extreme LED lightbar on a xterra

Paul Lange- 40" Curved Extreme Series Dual Row mounted to a stock 2010 Xterra

“Super easy to install and highly recommend the pre-made wiring harness”
“The 2010 Xterra has an opening with a grommet just below the break booster in the firewall - perfect for the switch harness to pass through”


“Can't beat the quality and price of Extreme LED.”

Extreme LED 30" X6S for a 5th gen 4runner and a c4 bumper

Andrew Gilbert- Extreme 30" X6S Slim Amber/White in a C4 bumper for a 5th gen 4runner

“As a single income dad of 4 boys, it is hard to find stuff that fits a budget but is durable and looks the part.  Will for sure be budgeting for the ditch lights soon.”

Top Extreme LED lights

Our top 5 Extreme LED lights of 2023 are:

  1. Extreme X6S Slim Amber/White LED Light Bars
  2. Extreme Series Dual Row LED Light Bars
  3. Extreme Side Shooter LED Light Pods
  4. Extreme X6  Amber/White LED Light Bars
  5. Extreme Stealth Single Row LED Light Bars

How to choose your LED light

It is important to do your research when picking out your LED light bar. Size and Fit matter greatly! The first step when choosing an LED light bar is picking out where you plan to mount your LED light and how much space you have. There are spacer packs to help fill the gap if your light bar is not the exact size for your mounting location. You need to know all of the measurements and be familiar with the mounting options. Pay close attention to the measurement charts for each light. The next thing to consider is what you want the LED light to do. There are multiple different beam patterns and colors to choose from that all have different functions and styles. This purchase is an investment, and you want your bar to look great. If you are installing the bar yourself, you will also need to plan out the installation process and ensure you have all of the correct tools and parts. Watching videos on YouTube is always helpful.  Remember: you will need a light that is the correct size and shape for your brackets and vehicle. Many times you will need to purchase vehicle specific brackets. 


There is a lot to consider when picking an LED light bar or LED light pod, but you will be happy that you took the time to do all of this research prior to purchasing.  Also, Extreme LED is here to help if you have any pre-planning questions or want ideas for your set-up.  Just give us a call at (303) 990-5904 or email us at: Ultimately, it’s your decision which LED light bar company you choose. However once you have taken time to explore the various options, we think you will appreciate that Extreme LED is among the top contenders on performance, quality, reliability, customer service, and price.

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