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Universal Wireless Remote Controller with strobe patterns.

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Manufacturer: Extreme LED Light Bar

This multi function wireless remote system allows you to control your LED light(s) from the wireless key fob. Not only can you turn your lights on and off, but you can turn your lights into a strobe light, with different strobe flash patterns.

Select the X6/X6S remote if you have the X6 or X6S series light bar. The X6/X6S remote has 4 buttons (on/off and two strobe buttons). You can select the clear, amber or both and have 7 different strobe options for each of the combinations. Click the On button 3 times to turn on both the amber and white. Select the other remote for any of our other light bars. Just plug it in to your existing harness and you are ready to go!

On/off model
7-9 flash patterns
SOS emergency mode

Key A: Turn on/off.
Key B: Go to next flash pattern (Key A needs to be “ON”).
Key C: Go to previous flash pattern (Key A needs to be “ON”).
Key D: SOS Exclusive mode. Flashes 3 short pulses followed by 3 long pulses...the international HELP/SOS pattern.

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