Use these wiring harnesses for lights that state they use a DT connector (typically this is all lights less than 179 watts. See the product listing for the light you are buying to determine the correct wiring harness to get.
Manufacturer: Extreme LED Light Bar

Product Options

Picture of Harness to Control 1 Light (DT)
Harness to Control 1 Light (DT)
This option has 1 DT plug to control 1 light. User this harness to control just a single LED light.
Ships: same or next day
Picture of Harness to Control 2 Lights (DT)
Harness to Control 2 Lights (DT)
This option has 2 DT plug to control 2 lights from a single switch.
Ships: same or next day

This universal wiring harness and switch makes wiring up your new lights a snap. Comes with everything you need. Just hook up the red wire lead to the battery and the black to a ground, then plug in the light and click the switch and your lighting up the night!

  • Choose one or two plug options to control one or two lights at the same time.
  • Uses DT (Deutsch) style, 2 pin waterproof plugs.
  • Comes with inline fuse, relay, and switch.
  • Brass grommets on the positive and negative terminals make connecting to the battery or accessory post a snap.

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