Wiring Harness with ATP Connector(s)

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Use these wiring harnesses for the following lights:
  • S1 & F1 Series LED Light Bars 30" and up"
Manufacturer: Extreme LED Light Bar

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Picture of Wiring Harness to Control 1 Light (ATP)
Wiring Harness to Control 1 Light (ATP)
Has 1 ATP plug to control one light. Use these wiring harnesses for lights that state they use an ATP connector (typically this is all lights greater than or equal to 180 watts. See the product listing for the light you are buying to determine the correct wiring harness to get.
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This universal wiring harness and switch makes wiring up your new lights a snap. Comes with everything you need. Just hook up the red wire lead to the battery and the black to a ground, then plug in the light and click the switch and your lighting up the night!

  • Choose one or two plug options to control one or two lights at the same time.
  • 2 pin waterproof plugs.
  • Brass grommets on the positive and negative terminals make connecting to the battery or accessory post a snap.

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