X6S Slim Series Amber and White LED Light Bars

Add an amber and white LED light bar to your vehicle with our selection of X6S Slim Series 5w Amber and White LED Light Bars. Each one of these light bars are single row light bars and feature different amounts of amber and white lights. These amber and white sections of the light bar are controlled individually for optimum versatility. For example the white lights will provide you with extra lighting when you are driving at night. Meanwhile, the amber lights are perfect for snow or foggy conditions. Use both the amber and white lights at the same time for maximum light and visibility for your drive! 

  • Super Slim, only 1-5/8" Tall
  • Featuring 5w CREE LEDs
  • Spot degree: 30
  • Flood degree: 45
  • Waterproof

Lifetime Warranty 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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